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Cardamom – The Queen of Spices


Cardamom, often called ‘Grain of Paradise’, is native to India. It is a pungent, aromatic herb, first used around the 8th century. Cardamom, rightly termed, as the Queen of Spices, is a highly priced exotic spice. The history of Indian cardamom is as old as human civilization. Cardamom was the most popular sp

A Vijayanagar Bronze from Padi

Chandramoorthy Department of Archaeology Government of Tamilnadu.

Padi, a small village situated in the Saidapet taluk of Chenglepet District is about 13 km North West of Chennai. The epigraphs of this place refer to this village as Tiruvalithayam in, Ambatturnadu, which was a sub-division of  Jayangonda Chola Val

Forgotten Cereals

Dr. P. Sudhakar

Millets were first cultivated in Asia, Africa and Europe, in pre-historic times. Being rich in carbohydrates, proteins and minerals, they were the staple food for the poor of Rome and Europe during the middle ages. Though crops like rice, wheat, maize, etc., have gained importance; some regions in India still cultivate millets.

A Terracotta from Maniyambadi


Sugavana Murugan

Maniyambadi is a small village in Dharmapuri District. The village is famous for its Chennakesava Perumal Temple built by the great Jagadeva Raya of the later Vijayanagar period who had successfully fought in the Penukonda war. The ancient site is identified with the hills of Mookanoor Malai

Are Big Dams Temples of Modern India?

B. Vijayasarathy

There is lot of controversy and conflict regarding the construction of Narmada dam. Will construction of big dams like Narmada really contribute to the sustainable development of this country? When you say no to this question you will be branded as anti- development activist. People involved in degrading the environment in the na

Dance in South Indian Sculpture and Painting

Professor Leela Ganapathy Head of Department of History of Arts Government College of Arts & Crafts, Madras

Art is a collaboration between God and man, raising him to the exclusive band of creators and taking him deeply within and around his handiwork. It is a unique result of a unique temperament with its beauty derived

Consultation on “Orans/ Dev-Vans”: Deemed to be Forests Climate Change and EbA links

18-19 Oct 2019 at KRAPAVIS Oran Training Centre, Alwar

Aman Singh


About a year ago, (on 03/07/2018), the Supreme Court (SC) of India issued an Order declaring all Orans to be "deemed forests". If implemented, this Supreme Court Order wou


M. Amirthalingam

Historical Antiquities in Sendurai Traces of pre-historic man have been found around Sendurai in Perambalur-Tiruvalluvar District of Tamilnadu.  On the bank of a stream beside the road from Sendurai to Nakkambodi, a rge number of urns and bla