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Storage capacity and rainfall pattern in the reservoirs in Chennai from 2015 to 2019

In the month of May, June and July, Chennai city usually experiences the searing heat due to the summer season. A decade ago, even though the temperature was as high as 38°C - 45°C (Highest recorded - 45°C in 2003), drinking water supply for the city was not disrupted in the way it experienced in the summer of 2019. The well-known reason is there was more greenery in every 100 to 200 m of vicin

A brief history of Kashmir Literature – Part II

Growth and Development of Literature in Kashmiri language

The Kashmiri language, also known as Koshur, belongs to the Dardic subgroup of Indo-Aryan (Iranian) languages. It is spoken approximately by around seven million people primarily in the Indian Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and also in parts of neighbou

A brief history of Kashmir Literature – Part I

Dr. V. Mohan Assistant Director and Head, Department of Classical Languages, C.P.R. Institute of Indological Research, Chennai.

The literature of Kashmir dates back to many centuries and it revolves mainly around three languages, Sanskrit, Persian and Kashmiri besides Urdu, Hindi and other languages.