Plants are the earliest form of life on earth. 10 million years ago, much before primitive man made an appearance; they were in fully developed existence with stems, fruits and flowers.

Plants are the foundation stone of life on earth. They capture energy from the sun and use it to build up leaves, stems and roots making up a green mantle that covers much of our planet.

Plants are not the only living things that can use sunlight in this way, but they are by far the most successful. There is no life on earth without plants. Plants are the key to life on earth. Many life forms depend on plants either directly or indirectly for their food.

Trees produce oxygen which is vital for all animals to survive. We also need trees for many practical purposes, such as food, clothing material, medicines and dyes.

They bind the soil with their roots and mop up the rainwater, at the same time preventing soil erosion and replenishing the ground water.

Man wants to live in this world with peace and prosperity from the time of his birth till his death. He is in constant need of clean air, water, land and optimal temperature to live and lead a happy life. He has been nurturing plants. When one is involved in growing plants according to one’s asterism or zodiac sign, it brings prosperity, peace of mind and reduces mental tension. As the plants live for thousands of years, it is the only wealth that we leave for our future generations.

Interested individuals can refer to the Table overleaf and take necessary initiatives to grow trees matching their birth sign.


Plants and Constellations (Asterisms)


Plants and Zodiac Signs


Navagraha plants


B. Arulananthan
C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre

Source: Eco News, Vol.9, No.1 (April – June), 2003.

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